A powerful plugin for the WooCommerce Store, the WooCommerce Cart All In One Plugin fixes every issue associated with the CartCart. It also offers users a number of useful tools for creating all the elements related to WooCommerce, such as sidebar carts, menu carts, sticky add-to-cart buttons, and sidebar cart checkouts, which increase the efficiency of the WooCommerce store.

What Is The Purpose OF Creating A Custom WooCommerce Cart Page In WordPress?

You can enable conversion rate optimization on your WooCommerce Cart Page by customizing it. In nearly seven out of ten cases, customers.

Abandon their Shopping Cart, never to return. By advancing the WooCommerce truck page, you can make more deals without expanding your present traffic.

Your visitors are very close to completing the purchase when they have items in their Cart. Therefore, your WooCommerce cart page needs to offer

Everything is necessary so you can convert customers. So, let’s find out how to customize your WooCommerce cart page without touching a line of code!

How To Create Woocommerce Cart Page Template:

With over 1 million websites currently using SeedProd, it is the best drag and drops page builder. You can also customize the WordPress cart pages with this plugin to make more sales.

  • To use the plugin, you must first install and activate it.
  • After the plugin has been activated, you need to enter your license key in SeedProd » Settings.
  • On the SeedProd website, you can find your license key under your account information.
  • You can now create the cart page by going to SeedProd » Pages and clicking the ‘Add New Landing Page’ button.
  • Then, you have to choose a template for your cart page. There are many expertly planned layouts you can utilize.
  • Finally, you can click the ‘Checkmark.’
  • Icon once you’ve found a template you like.
  • Next, you should name your cart page and click ‘Save and Edit Page.’
  • It will take you to the drag and drop builder, where you can build your cart page.
  • Let’s start by adding an image block and uploading a logo. Then, if you want to reduce abandonment, you can make it look like the header without making it clickable.
  • Having fewer exits for your visitors will keep your branding in place but increase their likelihood of purchasing.
  • Drag over the ‘Image’ block, and you can now see it on your page. You can then upload your logo from your image library.
  • The options panel on the left allows you to customize this completely.
  • On the ‘Choose your layout:’ page, click on the content and sidebar blocks to select them.
  • The section for your CartCart, as well as the testimonial section, can be created here.
  • Then, in the WooCommerce section, find the ‘Cart’ block and drag it over.
  • It’s possible to customize every part of the CartCart, including the font, the colors, and the buttons.
  • The next step is to add a testimonials block. These serve as social proof for your visitors, showing them that their decision is the right one.
  • To move the testimonials block to an open section, locate the ‘Testimonials’ block and drag it there.
  • A user’s testimonials can be viewed in full control by the user.
  • Adding a customer photo is easy, while changing a testimonial is straightforward, and adding a position is also straightforward.
  • The same steps are followed to add multiple testimonials.
  • Adding a star rating to your testimonial is another great idea.
  • By selecting the ‘Star Rating’ block, you can drag it under each testimonial.
  • To create a sense of scarcity that encourages customers to purchase now, you can add a scarcity timer to your checkout.
  • It is easy to add the ‘Countdown Timer’ block to your shopping cart by dragging it there. Then, when you select the ‘Visitor Timer’ option, the visitor clocks will all be updated.
  • Then add a headline informing your shoppers they have a set period before their carts expire.
  • You can add your text by dragging it over the ‘Headline’ block.
  • Adding a section for popular products would be another great addition. In this way, you can increase sales by sending your customers promotional emails About other popular products.
  • By dragging the ‘Best Selling Products’ block from the ‘WooCommerce’ section, you can do so.
  • Also available is the choice of any of the other product blocks.
  • You can publish the changes to your cart page by clicking the arrow next to the ‘Save’ button and selecting ‘Publish’ once you have finished editing the page.
  • The following step is to adjust your Cart’s URL in the WooCommerce settings.
  • Click the ‘Advanced’ tab in WooCommerce > Settings.
  • You then select the URL you created with SeedProd for the new cart page. Please note that it is important to save the changes at the bottom of the screen.
  • Depending on how your WooCommerce theme is designed, now visitors can navigate to the basket page more easily.
  • Additionally, mobile devices will allow your visitors to see their carts.
  • By adding new blocks and customizing the design, you can continue to customize your cart page with SeedProd.
  • Continually experiment to see which elements increase conversions the most.

How To Further Improve The Conversion Rate OF The Wocommerce Cart Page?

You can further improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment once a customized WooCommerce cart page has been created. You can generate even more revenue from existing traffic. The following methods will help you.

  • Utilizing timed popups can help you reduce cart abandonment on WooCommerce.
  • The majority of shopping carts are abandoned after only a few minutes. With a timed popup, you can effectively reduce cart abandonment.
  • Over 1.2 million sites use OptinMonster, the best popup plugin for WordPress.
  • A popup appears exactly when the user is about to leave your site using Exit-Intent® technology.
  • Offer them a coupon code that is unique for them, so they come back again.
  • When you already provide a coupon to your visitor, suggest an educational popup that answers any questions and gives them confidence about their purchase,such as this Example from WPForms.
  • Even more unique slide-ins and popups are available for you to incorporate into your site.
  • If a customer adds an item to their CartCart, leaves, then returns, you can include a slide-in that offers a coupon to complete their order.

Boost your sales with WooCommerce social:

  • In real-time, activity notifications notify your visitors when they make a new purchase. As a result, the FOMO effect pushes them to make a purchase and improves conversions.
  • TrustPulse makes adding social proof notifications to your WooCommerce cart page incredibly simple.
  • It is the best social proof plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce on the market and has increased conversions by 15%.
  • You can install the app in a few minutes, and a notification bubble will appear with recent purchases and free trial sign-ups.
  • The notifications won’t hinder your cart and user experience. Store conversions are the only thing they do.

WooCommerce Cart Editing Plugins:

You’ll find plenty of options here for editing your Cart with a plugin since there are numerous ways to do so. The checkout process is altered by some plugins, for instance, Many of these plugins add options to the cart page, such as product upsells. It would be best to consider investing in a couple of these plugins to upgrade your eCommerce website. Here are the top WooCommerce cart page editing plugins.

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor And Manager Plugin:

When it comes to the checkout page, WooCommerce is a powerful plugin, but it has some limitations. That’s why checkout and cart editor plugins are important. The WordPress Checkout Field Editor & Manager provides all-in-one functionality to modify your checkout page fields. Moreover, the drag-and-drop feature facilitates the arrangement of fields beautifully and intuitively. In addition, checkout pages can be customized with text fields, radio buttons, images,and more.

It offers advanced features such as conditional logic to choose whether to show or hide fields depending on the selections made in other fields and the option to choose whether to show or hide entire sections. It’s a great plugin that helps you customize the checkout page for WooCommerce according to the products in your shopping cart.

Woocommerce Smart Cart Plugin:

The main benefit of the Smart Cart plugin is that it eliminates the steps needed to check out, thus increasing sales. With Smart Cart, the shopping cart appears on all pages of your website. “Sticky carts” that stay at the side of the screen allow this. Clicking the cart button expands a sidebar menu where you can see what’s in your cart. Continuing to the checkout page is also possible with a “Process to checkout” button. The WooCommerce Smart Cart plugin lets you edit the Cart for WooCommerce if you don’t like the default checkout process.

Yith Woocommerce Checkout Manager Free Plugin:

Would you like to customize your checkout page to your liking? It allows you to customize virtually every aspect of WooCommerce’s checkout process. For Example, the checkout page can be reordered, new fields can be added, and any fields removed. In addition to using and making the checkout page more attractive comfortably, you can completely edit it.

It is possible to improve the checkout process significantly with custom fields. One simple example is adding a text box that asks. Your customers tell you where they first learned about you. So, as well as changing the colors and size of the fields, you can change their styles. In addition to this, the layout options allow you to divide fields across multiple columns rather than a single long list.

Cart Plugin For WordPress Features:

  • There are no duplicates in the plugins and they are all GPL compatible. (Not a cracked version)
  • All plugins and templates are available for free download.
  • After you pay for a plugin or theme, you can download them immediately.
  • McAfee Secure scans and verifies all plugins.
  • Automatic activation of plugins is now possible. Activation of your domains has already been completed..
  • No questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The plugins are not supported at this price point due to the price range.